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    I am thinking about picking one up, just for browsing, photos, random docs etc. Nothing heavy. What would people recommend? i know hardly anything about Chromebooks.

    Also can i copy any of my own films (avi, mp4) to it and awtch while offline?
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    I have one of these: Acer Chromebook 14 with Crouton installed. Being able to switch between ChromeOS and a real desktop is nice. Its not crazy snappy, but the quad core celeron chip holds its own. I even managed to get Steam installed - it can play Stardew Valley acceptably.

    Honestly, I love it - very light and solid construction, its built like a macbook air. I can throw it in my backpack with all my other school stuff and not worry about breaking it since its cheap and sturdy. No moving parts unless you count the keys on the keyboard. Great battery life too, I can get through the week on two charges. Standby power use is also very low, almost negligible in my experience.

    The only downside with these is the limited internal storage. So consider a small USB drive that you can leave plugged in. You can still view and edit locally while offline - google docs will sync your work next time you go online. For home use I'd recommend sharing media over the local network with one of the many solutions available.

    On a side note, I'm a little iffy on the smaller Chromebooks. I checked out a few in Best Buy and this 14" is actually usable with the 1080 panel - the smaller ones were around 720p and felt too cramped in my opinion.
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    Chromebooks are amazing. Samsung makes great chromebooks and they are a pleasure to use. I really like mine. It does everything I need the computer for. I can even use the documents app offline, as well as a couple of other apps. It doesn't require constantly buying virus protection, and it's bugging me all the time for updates on the software. It also ties in with my Google phone, so I can upload pictures quickly and easily.

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