Chrome faster after JavaScript engine improvements

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, May 28, 2021.

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    I dunno, maybe this latest update of Google Chrome is actually faster, I benchmarked Google Chrome Mozilla Kraken v1.1 benchmark and got 725ms which is faster than a 9900KS CPU when I've only got a 4.65GHz overclocked 6700K! Here's the test result link:{"v": "kraken-1.1", "ai-astar":[74,73,73,71,74,71,73,70,75,73],"audio-beat-detection":[41,41,43,41,41,42,41,41,49,41],"audio-dft":[64,62,65,63,62,62,65,62,62,63],"audio-fft":[28,29,28,28,28,29,29,28,29,29],"audio-oscillator":[38,38,38,38,38,38,38,38,38,38],"imaging-gaussian-blur":[86,86,86,86,85,87,86,86,86,86],"imaging-darkroom":[126,126,126,126,126,126,126,127,132,126],"imaging-desaturate":[37,38,38,37,38,38,38,38,40,38],"json-parse-financial":[19,18,19,20,19,21,21,18,19,19],"json-stringify-tinderbox":[14,14,14,13,14,14,13,14,14,14],"stanford-crypto-aes":[50,49,50,50,50,50,50,51,50,50],"stanford-crypto-ccm":[65,59,60,59,58,60,59,59,60,60],"stanford-crypto-pbkdf2":[64,64,65,65,64,65,67,65,66,65],"stanford-crypto-sha256-iterative":[22,22,25,22,23,22,21,24,22,22]}

    And here's the pic showing that my 6700K that managed 725ms would place it faster than a 9900KS:

    I can't remember how fast my 6700K did this test before the browser update, but regardless I thought I'd mention's possible I have vague memories of it being around 800 before the update, but don't count that as reliable. Praps some of you folks can do a before & after test on Mozilla Kraken v1.1 in terms of test before latest Chrome Update and then test again after update?
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    Get Vivaldi, it's made by guys who left Opera

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