Cheaters Infiltrate the CoD: WWII Open Beta

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Oct 2, 2017.

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    I ran into 2 hackers in my 23hrs of playtime. One of them even had his name "I'm hacking BTW, hahaha."
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    As long as the artificial aiming website keeps on existing, noone will ever get rid of cheats. Look it up on google and be amazed, just don't be an idiot and start using this crap.

    The creator named helios is a dutch coder who started with developing his cheat on Unreal Tournament in 1999, and has since continued on developing it and rents out his cheat for a monthly fee. He's probably rich by now from it.
    The cheat system works on any online game!

    I got fed up of this guy and his bs a long time ago and tried following things to take him and his website down :
    - looked up host provider of his website, which was back then also a dutch hosting, sent them a mail explaining the illegal activities of his website and so on. Response of the server host provider was that legally they could do nothing against him nor his website...

    - contacted several services which his cheats bypass , such as VAC/Steam, Blizzard, EA, Punkbuster and some others. Never got any replies back. When I did get a reply back they said they could do nothing, which amazed me time and time again.

    This one guy, who now has a whole team working for him, has messed up online gaming since a long, looooong time.
    Whenever I read ppl on forums from certain true pro online shooters (those aren't the ones you think they are like CS or BF or COD) who deny that cheating happens in their game, I laugh my ass off.
    I can assure you, cheating happens A LOT.
    When people rent this cheat from his website, they get a package which works for multiple games, it's all explained on his website.

    What I don't understand over all these years, which is +17 and counting now. Is that there's never been a great coder/programmer/hacker who annoyed himself so much from these things that he just takes this guys website down and keeps it down.
    Secondly, if all these big companies really care about cheats in their online games (which they don't), then why is his website still up and running after +17years.
    Thirdly, in my communication to these companies like VAC, Punkbuster and so on, I always asked them : "How come you guys don't just rent the cheat yourselves, and keep on renting it so that you get the updates. Then just non stop reverse engineer his cheat so your anti-cheat system keeps on stopping his cheat and problem solved".
    Never any replies on that.

    No company cares tbh.
    I can assure you, this guy and his cheat system is one of the biggest reasons you see people online cheating.
    Take him down, and you will remove 80% or more of cheaters.
    Sure there'll be another after him, but big companies could simply reverse engineer them all as all of these cheat systems have one flawed link between them, they're all online available and being sold or rented.
    It's a pretty easy task for a good programmer to keep on updating their anti cheat with updates every time these creators of cheats bring updates... but again. They do not care.
    They try to show you they do though.

    I wish I was an extremely skilled coder and hacker, I'd hack the crap out of this guy every day until he goes broke.
    If any of you can hack, please take him down for ever :)
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