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Discussion in 'RivaTuner Advanced Discussion forum' started by Unwinder, Apr 30, 2005.

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    Dear forum visitors,

    It is really painful for me to see what's going on with the forum during the last 3 years. Unfortunately, from specialized RivaTuner techsupport forum dedicated to the tool development and improvement it turned to the real softmodding related hell, overflowed with users, coming here with the only wish - to get "new" hardware for free using the softmod. And I must say, that unfortunately this wish makes a lot of users really blind and cruel.
    The most of conflicts taking place here were caused by "discussions" with such users, and I'm extremely tired of it. I'm no longer able to explain each of them, that the fact that RT is a freeware tool doesn't mean that my time is freeware thing too, and that it is not my must to explain the same things in the forums again, again, again and again. "RTFM" and similar replies from my side are treated as rudeness by most of users and I want to stop it. Unfortunately, dozens of newbie softmodders come here every day, there are more and more softmodding related threads in the forum. So the amount of such conflicts is constantly growing up, and there were 2 similar "pleasant" discussions during the last day. I was thinking a lot trying to find a solution for this situation. And I must say that unfortunately my patience is over and I give up. I don't need a hobby killing my nerves. The only way to protect you from my rudeness and my nerves from such users is to leave the forum and to avoid entering such discussions at all.
    I was thinking about freezing RT project at all, but currently RC15.5 development is already finished and in beta testing stage, so it is unwise to throw away the job, which is already done. So you'll surely see at least this version. Cannot say anything about new ones, currently I have zero wish to continue developing it. Also I reduce my presence in the forum to minimum. I'll still browse the forums couple times a week, but I no longer give any hints to users, which ignored RivaTuner context help. I no longer give any hints to users ignoring FAQ supplied with RivaTuner. I no longer give any hints to users, posting the questions answered in the forum's sticky threads. Such threads (99.9% of threads in the forum) will be simply ignored. I'll only address the questions, really requiring my reply (e.g. comment current version's bugs/incompatibilities/feature requests/tech info requests/etc). Unfortunately that's the only case I see.

    So if you’ve not received any reply for your question posted there, please ensure that:

    - You’ve read context help for the option you are asking about
    - You’ve read the FAQ, included in RivaTuner’s distributive
    - You’ve read the sticky threads and searched a forum for your question
    - If you did it and still cannot find a solution – simply stop using RT. This tool is not for you.

    Thanks for understanding and personal thanks for forum veterans for supporting it since 2000, namely Kakaru, loop29, rui, BluefireXP, AlecRyben and many others. It was a joy to work with you, guys. Unfortunately, the fun is over.
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