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    Anyone knows were is the registry settings into win7 64bit to change
    the monitor number

    I have an ati hd5770 & a Geforce 9600gt to get physx
    I have catalyst 11.2 & forceware 258.96

    want it because i use so much multimonitor setup,
    i use 3 monitors 2 with the ati card (1 real Tv & 1 real monitor) & 1 With the nvidia card (same tv, other hdmi)

    the HDTV+ATI is numbered 1
    the HDTV+Nvidia is numbered 3
    the Monitor+ATI is numbered 2

    sometimes i disable the monitor from the ati card to get full framerate into games when playing into my tv

    But when i disable the monitor, change like this:
    the HDTV+ATI is numbered 1
    the HDTV+Nvidia is numbered 2

    So, all my settings into multimon software are lost because of this

    I want to change like this:
    the HDTV+ATI numbered 1
    the HDTV+Nvidia numbered 2
    the Monitor+ATI numbered 3

    Any info? were is saved monitor numbers?

    Thanks in advance

    Nevermind, here is:


    I will leave this here because i found into google LOTS of people with this same problem

    hope this help more people

    Seeya later
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    I'm VERY curious about this - as you point out a lot of other people are too, and so far have come up with nothing. I have a single GTS250 feeding a monitor and a TV, and the monitors ID number changes whenever the TV is turned on (not the system in my sig). This is really frustrating.

    Could you share how these keys work?

    I have under the entry you mention several entries with a GUID value, and others with TSDDD and VGASAVE. I imagine these to be the sort of registry entries that could stuff things up horribly with a little experimenting - I'd really like to learn how they work (as would the rest of the people with the same problem I guess.


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