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Discussion in 'Game Tweaks and Modifications' started by CongressBeta, Jul 4, 2014.

  1. Cru_N_cher

    Cru_N_cher Guest

    Im really not sure what you mean in the PS4 Release version videos from the console you can see the Havok Animation interaction @ movement of the Player on the coat it's waving and it's waving less then how it does in the Wind and that is absolutely correct.

    When the Wind simulation impacts it like in a Storm it flatters in the Wind like in the E3 Demo nothing really was changed on these Physical Animation things.
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  2. Sockenschock

    Sockenschock Guest

    I´m sorry guy but you are wrong, or maybe you just dont know the Videos im talking about, but i have to make 5 Posts to post links so I will show you in the next post....
  3. Cru_N_cher

    Cru_N_cher Guest

    im pretty sure i now many videos not all im sure especially not those that might be released exclusively by Sony on their Network :)

    But i know the E3 B-Rolls and most of the commented Videos by Ubisoft and those are imo the most important to compare the Engine Render (Build) results also the PS4 Release Video of the NBC Show with out grandma loved Seller Genius :)
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  4. Sockenschock

    Sockenschock Guest

    This is the well known E3 2012 Gameplay: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISxHZT55A3Y

    You can see how the coat seems to be more realistic in his movements esspecially when he is jogging cross the street.
    And it´s not (only) the wind im talking about. Even without wind the coat reacts more real.

    here is some early PS4 Gameplay which also still had the same Coat Physics
    0:40 Min the Gamplay starts:

    So... you can see this graphics had been possible even on this PS4.
    And this kind of Coatmovement has definitely been downgraded alot.

    Have a nice weekend Cru_N_cher

  5. Cru_N_cher

    Cru_N_cher Guest


    i see the interaction in full flow @ least still in the leaked beta build maybe they downgraded it after the beta on the PS4 ?

    I dont get you nothing really changed on the PS4 Coat Physics Interaction or @ least it becomes non visible to most users expect maybe very critical ones but it's absolutely nothing you should overrate so much if it helped to improve the Performance it's a very low Downgrade if what we see is now maybe Pre Rigged and not Physical Correct anymore :)

    Especialy how much OpenWorld Games even implement such things in that Quality like Watch_Dogs does for clothes ?

    And do you know the Performance impact for this for example in Skyrim Modded (Creation Engine, Havok) ;)
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  6. ScHmOOze

    ScHmOOze Guest

    I guess this demo was running on a devkit PC, not really on a PS4. Remember when Ubi said that the E3 2012 demo would represent what the 'next-gen' consoles could do, everybody started to fantasm about the Ps4 and Xb1, and you see the result today. All these videos are pure bull**** :(

    (sorry for my english ^^)
  7. Sockenschock

    Sockenschock Guest

    Man but the Video is called "Ps4 Gameplay Premiere". :D
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  8. Sockenschock

    Sockenschock Guest

    In my opinion it is already downgraded there, if you have a look on the strips at his Coat. They seem to move very less and the overall coat seems to be as "light" as in the Release Version, if you know what I mean with "light" because it moves so strange, but not as a Leather Coat :)
  9. CongressBeta

    CongressBeta Guest

    Ok guys I'm about to post this link on more threads so expect some devs to come help is make a better watch dogs experience :)
  10. CongressBeta

    CongressBeta Guest

    Hey Lunayah, you can post your front page with your mod links below so people can see if and if you don't mind can you help out with some of the questions people have? Some more modders will be on here soon. Thanks!

  11. cmh175

    cmh175 Guest

    Hey guys is that right? I'm unpacking vanilla and modded files to compare and start implementing my own changes and fixes but not sure how to convert back to .lib files again for testing. Is this correct?
  12. CongressBeta don't forget this modder his name is SUNSET and he is also on GURU 3d!! His mod is called "WD - Updated Texture Repack V3". With his texture pack I can run all my settings on ULTRA with aliasing at TXAA-4 and NO STUTTERING!!!! ITS AMAZING and has a lot of the The Worse's modifications incorporated in it! I have tried ALL the mods including the Worse 8.0 with Maldo, Kadzait24's last mod, and Lunayah's!! The Worse I stuttered a lot WITH or WITHOUT Maldo! Lunayah's mod is AWESOME with great performance and visuals, BUT Sunset's is to me number 1!! No other mod can I jack up EVERY setting and get high consistent FPS and no stuttering! If Sunset's and Lunayah's mod combined OMG!! I so HOPE that all the modders will join forces and create a super mod:):) CongressBeta thank you for starting this collaboration:) I don't have enough posts yet to give you Sunset's link and his "Updated Texture Repack V3", but I am sure you can find it:)
  13. william456

    william456 Guest

    Replace vehicle and call police car

  14. CongressBeta

    CongressBeta Guest

    Thanks for the help man! I'll go check him out. I'll see if he can post his mod on her and collaborate with other modders too.
  15. Cru_N_cher

    Cru_N_cher Guest

    Really like your overall output results (sharpness) but your luminance level is terrible low on most :(

  16. Thanks Congress I've read Sunsets thread and I am sure he would help he seems like a mature cool guy!!
  17. cmh175

    cmh175 Guest

    His mod is basically resized textures. Ultra settings will work fine as they're basically running high or so textures. To get a similar result just lower your settings.
  18. william456

    william456 Guest

    ??that is raining

    how about this


  19. Yecnot

    Yecnot Guest

    Alright, people. What we need is a bare-ass (thats right, let it shine) performance mod. I'm talking reduced npcs, disabled weather systems, the whole shebang, capiche? What we're aiming for is the removal/lessening of CPU bottlenecks. :banana:
  20. cmh175

    cmh175 Guest

    Ubisoft already did a great job of this. I don't think very many people will be interested in more reduced features. Diminishing the civilian density and weather effects wouldn't be hard, but I don't think enough people would be interested to make it worth the work. Installing Sunsets resized textures would probably be enough to improve performance.

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