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Discussion in 'The Guru's Pub' started by Mod Enerjen, Aug 6, 2006.

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    Several phones include iTunes as included software, one of them being the Motorola V3i. Recently, however, not all V3i's come with iTunes in fact most now do not, as Motorola have begun putting thier own unlimited MP3 music player into the V3i.

    What's the difference between these two players, does anyone know?

    I know that iTunes has a 100 song limit despite how large of a memory card you get (e.g. 2GB MicroSD), but are there other differences such as sound quality, user interface, features, etc?
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    I have the Motorola Rokr and the limit can be hacked very easily. I changed mine to 10,000 and plan to get a 2gb mini sd card soon. It uses iTunes and as far as I can see, it does not change the quality in any way, shape, or form. This is the only one I can speak for though.

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