Catalyst Control Center won't install / uninstall

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    I tried to update my drivers and now I have a headache of mammoth proportions. I can't get the Catalyst Control Center to install or uninstall.

    Yes, I'm aware of the ATi Tray Tool. I'm using it right now; however, I'd like to figure out what's wrong with the CCC. I think there's a remnant of an older version. When I try to uninstall it, it wants me to find ATICCC.msi, which doesn't exist on my computer. The CCC uninstall utility provided by ATi has the same problem.

    I can't uninstall this phantom version of the Catalyst Control Center, nor can I install a more up-to-date version. Arrgh. ;(
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    I don't know if it's your prob.. If you have rollback from a driver higher to 7.2, you have need uninstall the CCC properly before, if you have not do it... it cause problem..
    I have just see this after test driver with beta of modded 7.3 and make compare then with the 7.2..and 7.1, a likely message have appears.. " you need uninstall the CCC before install a previous driver"... the problem since they have change the CCC component, if you don't have do it properly, the CCC bug then, like it mix all and new components..
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    Before proceeding, please make a System Restore Point using Windows System Restore [Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore] and download and install the following:

    Removing old drivers

    STEP 1. Navigate to Add/Remove Programs [Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs] and uninstall the ATI Catalyst driver components in the following order. Don't reboot before I tell you to!

    1) Catalyst Control Center
    2) ATI Display Driver
    3) ATI - Software Uninstall Utility​

    STEP 2. Reboot your PC.

    STEP 3. Go into Safe Mode when your PC is rebooting, by tapping F8 during the black screen with ~4 or 5 lines of text which comes before the Windows loading screen, and then selecting 'Safe Mode' as the startup type, and 'Windows XP' as the Operating System.

    STEP 4. Log on to an administrator account (doesn't matter which one, but I'd suggest you use your own), and once at your desktop, start Driver Cleaner Professional.

    STEP 5. In the 'Cleaning Selection', tick "Select multiple cleaning filters" and choose everything starting with ATI. Then press the "Start" button, and after the program is done cleaning, close it.

    STEP 6. Start CCleaner and go to the "Issues" section. Tick all of the filters, and run the scanner, remembering to create a registry backup when it automatically prompts you to! Alternatively, you can use another registry cleaning program if you don't find CCleaner appealing.

    STEP 7. Run the scanner again as many times as needed until nothing shows up at the screen, creating a registry backup each time.

    STEP 8. Reboot and install your new driver in normal mode as you usually would.



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