Catalyst 13.9 no apply dialog in win 8.1

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    Amd Radeon HD 6790
    Hi all,
    Currently using catalyst 13.9 with windows 8.1 on a Radeon HD 6790.
    I use dvi to monitor and hdmi to a panasonic 42 inch for watching tv and films.
    Generally I use the replace option to switch between the two screens and in windows 7 this worked fine. In 7 it would popup a dialog to apply and all was fine. In windows 8.1 however the dialog box doesn't appear. Usually the first replace works fine, monitor goes into powersave and tv takes over, but there is no dialog box. Now when I reverse the process back to the monitor it will then switch back after 10-15 seconds. I checked it wasn't just opening behind windows etc and can't seem to find any issues online that encounter the same.
    Any ideas what's up or am I just doing something wrong?
    Thanks in advance.
    Boomslang :)

    Installed new H87 mobo and i5 4440 and after a fresh 8.1 install this issue is not present. Seems it may have just been specific to my hardware previously.
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