Can't use Benchmark mode?

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    RivaTuner 7.3.3, Want to use benchmark mode so I can get the most accurate results and I just can't seem to get it to work no matter what. I have benchmark mode enabled, I have everything I want to record checked with a black checkmark, I have the hotkeys set in MSI afterburner and RTSS and I have made sure the HotkeyHandler.dll is checked and has the right hotkeys. No matter what it just wont start recording and no txt file is ever made. I also added an exception for everything except my game also that didn't help at all. RTSS_oiSdbLZXMc.png
    RTSS_13fU0GoUrg.png RTSS_P6tnWJqnwS.png MSIAfterburner_sRcdCZEaFA.png

    I have no idea why it doesn't work the file is never even created, I really hope this is just a dumb mistake on my end because I would love for this to work correctly :)
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    the root of C: can only be written to by elevated applications.

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