Cant make the OSD show up in game.

Discussion in 'MSI AfterBurner Application Development Forum' started by riwa, Jan 26, 2021.

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    RTX 2060 6GB laptop
    Its all enabled. Ive followed like 5 different tutorials and videos. Nothing work. So far only GPU temp and memory shows up. And only during loading times, then it instantly dissappears. I have download hwinfo, and enabled it so cpu temp shows up in afterburner. I set it to osd, but nothing happens.

    Im using a asus tuf gaming laptop and really need to keep track of temps as they sometimes go above 90c.
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    Are you using the old method in MSI AB or are you using the new method in RTSS with the OverlayEditor?
    Which game or games did you try? Some games do not support external hooking for OSD.

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