Can't install AMD Display Driver. It won't appear in Catalyst install manager

Discussion in 'Videocards - AMD Radeon Drivers Section' started by nz-tdm, Nov 17, 2011.

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    Ok, i don't know what has happened but I can not install most drivers.

    I am not going to use 11.11 driver because it makes Skyrim lag (my friend has an IDENTICAL laptop).

    The Catalyst Install Manager for 11.10 displays this in the Custom screen: I should be seeing a lot more in the list including AMD Display Driver and Catalyst Control Center. This driver WORKS FINE on my friends identical laptop.

    The Catalyst Install Manager displays the same for the 11.8 driver but WITH Catalyst Control Center as well.

    A few drivers do work, including the old Rage Performance Driver that I got from Guru3D a while ago and 11.10 Preview 2 and 3.
    Only 11.10 WHQL and 11.8 don't work.

    I have tried driversweeper in safe mode, uninstalling with catalyst install manager (amd display driver doesn't appear to be installed) to no avail. I created a restore point before doing these so I can restore back to still being able to play games.
    My current driver (doesn't show up in install manager but DOES show up in catalyst control, center is 11.9. HOWEVER, after system restoring to this after driver sweeper, catalyst control center WONT start. The windows loading cursor just appears for a few seconds.

    Overall, I want to put 11.8 on so I can play minecraft (later versions crash the display driver).
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    Could try downloading the drivers, then instead of trying to install them, extract them to get all the files out, and then install the driver through the Device Manager > Update Driver, then pointing it to where you extracted the files, so it picks up the driver and installs it, and welcome aboard nz-tdm :)

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