can't get PhysX to work on GTX470

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    Hi guys,

    The problem is pretty much as I've stated in the topic, but let me describe it a bit more.

    I've upgraded my system and replaced gfx card with brand new spanking GTX470 from Gainward, and for unknown reason can't get PhysX to work in GPU mode - so it seems.

    I've got the latest drivers and the latest release of PhysX also.

    Unfortunately despite PhysX showing in Nvidia control panel, with GTX470 chosen as the card to do the calculations for it - it doesn't seem to be working. In Great Kulu tech demo (and pretty much any other PhysX demo) the framerate is horrible, and in the setup I can't choose the hardware PhysX option - it's greyed out. In Arkham Asylum despite choosing the full PhysX option, I don't see the effects that should be there (papers flying around, water etc.).

    I have the GTX470 connected to my screen with DVI#1, Running Windows 7 Ultimate x64, E7500 Intel Core2Duo 2,93Ghz CPU, 10GB of DDR2, P45 mobo.

    I was fighting with this for a couple of days now - and I'm absolutely puzzled ... couldn't really find a similar problem anywhere.

    Any ideas what to do?

    I'd also like to add - I've tried uninstalling the previous drivers (yes, with Driver Sweeper in safe mode as well) - didn't help ...

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