cannot overclock nor set fan speed

Discussion in 'ATI Tray Tools' started by keen0arene, Sep 21, 2012.

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    ati x1950gt
    ati x1950gt

    ccc 10.2

    I was able to overclock with ati tools, change fan speed, memory clock speed until I completely uninstalled, wiped and reinstalled the 10.2 drivers. I thought I had done it before, but I was getting strange issues with my game X3 Albion prelude that seemed to be related to my drivers.

    Now I cannot change anything in ATT, or msi afterburner (the latter I wasnt able to change values anyway).

    Fan speed says "no supported hardware found"

    I know I didnt get a new video card, and it still runs 3d programs so it still works. Something happened.

    gpu and memory speed stays at 0.00, unless I click "show as ddr" then it changes to what I think is stock info, though "apply' does not change.

    I have version 10.2 CCC.

    thanks for your help.

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