Can you use an NVMe via a PCI-e adaptor?

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    Can a Chinese adapter hold 2 X NVME 2GB?
    Is the BIOS chipset 570 board familiar with this? Or is it only for video card?

    Can Chinese products harm NVME ?
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    All X570 motherboards should boot from NVME just fine. Most all adapter cards are made in China. Just give it a good visual inspection to see if it looks okay before installing a drive on it / installing it into the motherboard. It is generally best practice to use dedicated slots on motherboard before using adapter cards.

    Most adapter cards are 1 NVME, 1 Sata. NVME and Sata m.2 drives use DIFFERENT keying. Some motherboards which have the slots can use both. Not all older motherboards can boot off NVME m.2 drives such as X79 (except the new ones with used chipsets from China), and pre-bios-update Z97 boards.
    Make SURE your motherboard can boot off NVME drives if it's made in 2014 or older or is otherwise before Skylake series where m.2 slots became common.

    How to tell?
    Drives and sockets use different keying, such as B key, M key, and more - look at them closely. Some motherboards have slots which can take a single type or multiple types of key, but consult your manual first to be sure.
    Adapter cards with a sata port on it usually have one NVME slot and one Sata slot, the sata plug on it gets hooked to a sata port on the motherboard just as you would a normal drive to use the sata-class port.

    There are also things such as wireless cards / network adapters that can fit in these type of slots. It's basically just a mini version of a PCI-express x2 or x4 slot (depending on your motherboard, processor and chipset specifications/age).
    Spoiler post for users of non-x570 chipset only, x570 owner can skip this part / does not apply
    While you have x570 chipset, which is ALL pci-e 4.0 when using Ryzen 3xxx or 4xxx-G CPU, some boards are not so lucky. Not all slots are created equal! Some slots further down on motherboards towards the bottom of the board may be slower - not just m.2 slots, but regular common PCI-express x1 / x4 / x8 / x16 slots as well. Always use the higher slots available if using slots on your motherboard, whatever you can use once the video card is accounted for, to try and avoid these pitfalls. 3200G & 3400G processors cannot use PCI express 4.0, and will default to PCI express 3.0.

    X570 chipset has no issue booting from NVME. If it is Sata drive, any board can boot from it provided you have a free sata port on the motherboard, and you plug the drive in to the motherboard. The sata drive cannot communicate over PCI-E lane lines, and is only powered by these adapter cards. Only NVME drive can send data to CPU itself over PCI-E lane lines. Make sure you have the right type of x4, x8, or x16 slot to plug the adapter card into on your motherboard. For example, the board Gigabyte Aorus Master will give you a few places to plug in m.2 drives, without an adapter.
    If there are m.2 slots on the motherboard and date of manufacture is 2015 or newer, it can generally boot from NVME drives unless the board or manual says 'sata m.2 drives only'. Almost all B550 and x570 motherboards have m.2 slots and fall under this category.
    If it is Asus Maximus Hero VII Z97 intel motherboard from 2014, the m.2 slot is x2 lanes only, and you need a bios update to boot from NVME (I had one of these boards on my last intel build, it was good).

    Again, motherboards that are from 2014 and older often will not be able to boot from m.2 NVME drives, even with special adapters (though you can see them in Windows 10, and Windows 7 with appropriate drivers installed). So make sure if you have an older board (for anyone else reading this) that you have a BIOS update available, to do so, if you're going to go that route.

    I hope this helps you, more than it confuses you.
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    As an example, I have the Asus Crosshair VIII Hero Wifi, which is a X570 chipset, and it has two M.2 ports, both of which are capable of NVMe 4.0 x4, tho only the 1st port is direct to CPU.

    I have a Samsung 960 EVO 500GB in the 1st one, and I boot to that. The second has an Intel 660P 2TB.
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