can you save multiple profiles?

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    hi all. I have been using Rivatuner for some time now with one 4k monitor and benchmarking GPUs on 1080 and 2ka and 4k and its a pain to change the position and size of the OSD every time.
    now I got 3 monitors to test each resolution natively and I am wondering if I can save a profile for each resolution for it to change according to the resolution.
    I hope I got my idea out and will love some help.
    thanks in advance.
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    you can set hotkeys via the HotkeyHandler plugin to change ZoomRatio:
    upload_2021-1-5_13-10-5.png upload_2021-1-5_13-11-5.png

    And of course instead increasing or decreasing ZoomRatio you can also use Modifier type "set" to set a defined ZoomRatio which you figured out beforehand looking fine for a specific resolution.

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