Can Thermaltake SpinQ VT fit in Thermaltake V9 case?

Discussion in 'Die-hard Overclocking & Case Modifications' started by lgmcben, Mar 28, 2010.

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    Can this cpu cooler: (depth = 159 mm)

    fit into this case? (depth = 161 mm)

    I'm building a new system to replace my 7 years old PC. I've all the specs in my mind.

    Only 2 things left is the case and the cpu cooler. I'm going to order the above two. Anyone know if SpinQ VT fits in V9 case?

    Thank you in advance. =)

    P.S. If not, please feel free to recommend a cpu cooler + case combination. My criteria is:

    - The case should have power supply dust filter. (the V9 has it)
    - The cpu cooler should be quiet. The mediocre performance is fine.
    - Budget: $200 for case & cpu cooler combined.
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    Probably will fit, but stay the HELL away from the V9 case. As the angry owner of one, let me break down it´s main cons: Crappy quality, the top fan WILL start to ratle against the case eventually (google it, happens to a lot of people, kinda like the Xbox 360 RROD, happened to me), the metal is flimsy, the plastic is the hard, cheap, easy to break kind, the pci covers are non replaceable, the tools-free system won't hold anything securely... I could go on and on. It does look nice, but there are better options in that price range. Go for the CM 690 or the TT Element series.

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