Can macro keys be mapped with third-party software?

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    My keyboard has a grand total of 19 macro keys which I'd much like to use since I keep running out of viable hotkey setups. The manufacturer's software isn't compatible with Windows 10 and never has had Linux support. The program has to be actively running, the changes aren't written on the device memory as with my gaming mouse.

    Is it possible to map keys which aren't a part of the keyboard layout?
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    I'm not sure if it would work but you could try AutoHotkey

    as long as each macro key has an identifier I guess it could work.

    EDIT: yep, should work, you just need to "scan" the macro keys to find out their identifiers:

    though it's possible some special keys do not generate an input in which case you can't create macros / hotkey functions for them.
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