Can a micro sd card be damaged by inserting wrongly or the device it is inserted in?

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    So i bought a new camera and it saves images unto the micro sd card inserted inside it. It's the sony qx100 and it can also transfer the images/videos via wifi but i think that is slower. Please don't ask me about the camera just search it yourself. I am here to ask about inserting micro sd cards.

    So i have a usb internet dongle with a slot to insert a micro sd card. I don't think my sony qx100 actually connects the micro sd as a removable hdd via usb which is what the majority of any electronic items with a usb wire would be. No it's only for charging so you connect it to the usb just for charging.

    So the faster way is to remove the micro sd card and insert it into another device that allows the card to be recognized as a hdd and you know the rest of the story.

    My question is the damn thing is so small and so hard to remove and insert.

    I mean won't it be easily damaged if you take it in and out?

    Also when i reinserted the micro sd card back into the qx100 it didn't recognize any card in it.

    So i turned it off and reinserted it and it's fine.

    This is the question i really want to know here can you damage either the card or the internal pins of the device if let's say you inserted it wrongly or maybe at a slightly different angle etc.

    I forsee myself taking this card in and out to transfer pictures quickly.
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    Always have camera turned off when inserting and removing card and you should be fine...But yes, micro sd's are small...I lost a 32Gb in the yard...:bang:
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    it is highly unlikely to damage the card itself, but your camera might suffer if you force it the wrong way

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