Buying a new car, any experiences with KIA?

Discussion in 'The Guru's Pub' started by Omagana, Jul 21, 2014.

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    It is a good thing. Parts are readily available. It also is not diesel.
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    You'll need those parts on a VW.

    Data is not the plural of anecdote. VW gasoline vehicles (I excluded diesels, though the new ones seem to have some fuel pump exploding issues and the longitudinal had a terrible oil pump) have been generally found to be less than reliable. See all 1.8T coilpacks, long 1.8T oil sludge, 2.7TT K03s, the B6 A4 (all of it), almost any automatic, 2.0 FSI carbon buildup, the W8 (all of it), the 4.2 V8 carbon buildup, front suspension on anything longitudinal in the late 90s on, anything made by Bosch not a windshield wiper, many electronics, the absolutely stupid VVT system in the 3.0 V6 that costs like $3k to fix and breaks all the time, etc
    Also, the fact that VAG seems to make everything inaccessible. Look at this stupid thing:
    This is on the back of the engine. Water pump failure? Hope you like pulling the engine!
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    Oh well as long as you have a genuine reason for telling someone not to buy something that extends beyond fact and in to the realms of nothing more than sky high bullsh*t I guess that's fine.

    and if the OP was buying a VAG group car with a V8 in it I am sure the picture would be of some relevance. On a side note the water pump on the 1.4l seems to be more than accessible.

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