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Bug: MX150 VRAM usage monitoring causes high CPU usage.

Discussion in 'MSI AfterBurner Overclock Application Discussion' started by HavocS, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. HavocS

    HavocS New Member

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    Asus EAH3870
    I have an Asus S410UN laptop with i5-8250, 8GB RAM, Win10home x64 and an MX150 4GB. I recently noticed that the "system" process has a 15% usage even on the desktop (as it's a 8 thread CPU it means it hogs one thread at 100%), started shutting down apps, shutting down Afterburner solved the issue. Dug into it a little bit, turns out unticking "GPU1 memory usage" on the monitoring page solves the problem. Might wanna look into that.

    Windows version is 1803, Afterburner is 4.5.0, RTSS is 7.1.0.
  2. EdKiefer

    EdKiefer Ancient Guru

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    MSI 970 Gaming 4G
    AB doesn't officially support laptops so if it works at all it is a plus.

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