Bug in Fan controls?

Discussion in 'ATI Tray Tools Generic Discussion' started by Dazed42, Oct 30, 2007.

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    I have a really noisy x850 xt. I've been using the "auto fill" temp dependent speed settings for the longest time, but I decided to make an even quieter profile.

    Problem is.. its not working right. As the temp increases, the fan speeds up accordingly..

    But when the temp decreases the fan speed doesn't decrease accordingly.

    As you can see from this image, the temperature has gone down past 2 markers (50 and 49) is at 48, but is still using the same fan speed as for a temperature of 52.


    The settings have been applied, don't let the button fool you.

    When the temp gets to 55 the fan does speed up to 100, and when it drops to 52 it does decrease to 86, but it doesn't decrease past that as it should.

    So.. what's up? Is this possible to fix?
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    ATT do nothing to operate with FAN in Auto mode :) This is job of on board sensor. You just edit table , which will be programmed by ATT into on board sensor. So there are nothing to fix from my side.

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