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  1. Samsung S24R350FHM

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  2. Dell P2419H

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  3. Samsung S24R650FHM

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  4. Other

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    Iris Plus graphics

    I'm looking to buy a budget monitor for mostly work.
    I want this monitor to function as an extra monitor together with my laptop's display.
    I'm a CS student so most of what I do is read, watch videos, using multiple windows at once which is probably the main reason I wanna buy a monitor (having to constantly switch between VS code and chrome is a bit of a pain).

    I've narrowed down my search results to basically 2 options:

    1. Samsung S24R350FHM
    (link: https://www.samsung.com/levant/support/model/LS24R350FHMXZN/)
    2. Dell P2419H
    (link: https://www.dell.com/en-us/work/sho...19h/apd/210-aqdx/monitors-monitor-accessories)

    Despite the dell having all these fancy adjustment options, I was also considering just mounting any one of these displays to my desk using an adjustable desk arm if it is, in fact, the better option vs the stand that comes with them.

    (Note: there is also a Professional version of the Samsung that has all the fancy movement options: S24R650FDM, link for that as well: https://www.samsung.com/ca/business/monitors/s24r65/ls24r650fdnxza/ ).

    The Dell P2419H and the pro version of the Samsung are at the same price point, and are about 30$ more than the S24R350FHM.

    I'm not necessarily interested in just one of these two, so any other options you have, please.
    Any advice is appreciated, thanks!!

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