BSOD with rivatuner 2.09

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    XFX HD 5870 1gb
    well this morning i had no problems running rivatuner or over clocking my gfx. which i have played STALKER for 3 or so hrs. and then about 4 hrs ago i did a reboot and fire up Everest as all ways and then fired up STALKER and began to play, and notice the rivatuner stats was not on.

    so i minimize STALKER and started up rivatuner and i started up the stat server and then clicked on the icon to over clock my gfx, BAM! BSOD with this in it:
    i have gotten this one 5 times so far. even after i installed the 177.73 driver and my chip set driver and DX9 as well.
    i got this one only once

    so far i have no idea why it started to do this. EVGA Precision works and i can even over clock with it. but i prefer rivatuner. since i can have my cpu temp show with the gpu temp with the OSD . which i like to see both temps while gaming or bench marking.

    to bad EVGA Precision does not have that feature in it. but this BSOD is very weird since it came out of the blue. right now i have rivatuner uninstalled and only EVGA Precision installed.

    if any one have any info on this so i can fix this and keep it from happening again, will be appreciated and thank you for your time on this matter.

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