Broken fan, broken card.

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    Actually, i installed MSI Afterburner. Next step, i uninstalled MSI afterburner.

    After that, my GPU fan spinned with 20-30% power all the time, even in games, and my card burned like my ass right now. I installed afterburner again and fan working now, but only with launched afteburner. How can i fix that and delete this wonderful program FOREVER?

    I hope you understood what i tried to say and you can help, because 5 min ago this great program just stopped my fan (don't know reasons) and temperature was more than 100.

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    I am no expert on this software and only use part of it's functionality most of the time but far as I'm aware at least then unless you activate the hardware monitoring functionality of it then Afterburner shouldn't have any way to monitor or alter fan speed, also varies depending on AMD or Nvidia GPU's and then there's other factors as well such as laptop models which are far as I know at least mostly unsupported.

    However If you did activate hardware monitoring (Or if it's on by default, I do not remember.) and it's not a software conflict with some other program (IE for AMD it could be the Wattman in more recent drivers if you also used that.) then just changing the fan speed back to auto should work to reset this (Reboot might also help after that to clear up anything stored in memory.) though if this doesn't help for some reason then uninstalling and re-installing the display driver should reset the setting for this completely, little bit more work but it's pretty straightforward though I don't think you'd need to go that far. :)

    Come to think of it if the setting for this is enabled then in the MSI Afterburner settings disabling the hardware monitoring functionality and rebooting should also clear any settings...aside from with AMD GPU's since for whatever reason AMD is storing a couple of these in the registry which I'm pretty sure also includes fan speed and such but there is a compatibility setting in Afterburner for clearing out that data which I believe is also checked by default if a AMD GPU is detected.

    For an example if you were to set fan speed to ~50% and reboot you should notice the fan speed kicking in as soon as Windows boots to the log-in screen even before Afterburner has been started as it loads this info via that registry data. (Which can be a real problem from my understanding if this also applies to poorly set clock speeds or voltage adjustment causing a crash on boot requiring going into safe mode or more to undo.)

    EDIT: Been a while since I used Afterburner with it's hardware monitoring features enabled (As to control GPU core and memory speed, voltage - which I know is off by default, for good reason. - and monitoring certain things via the OSD.) but come to think of it there should be separate settings for adjusting the GPU fan (And even it's curvature.) so deselecting that might work while retaining other functionality of the software. :)

    EDIT: In the main window of Afterburner you can tick "Auto" for fan speed and that should then override any manual settings and I'm assuming it'll revert to the GPU default behavior should the program be shut down and maybe after a system reboot to clean anything loaded into RAM.

    From that going into the settings via the "cog" looking icon and unchecking the low-level IO driver box or the full hardware control and monitoring would also stop this but it will in turn also prevent overclocking or just monitoring certain GPU info via the OSD functionality such as overall GPU load or VRAM usage. (Settings for voltage should be off by default both for control and monitoring.)

    A bit below that is where the AMD specific compatibility options are, ensuring the "erase autosaved startup settings." is ticked should be enough and if the setting is missing you are on a older version of Afterburner, updating to the latest 4.3.0 release is recommended. :)

    And if hardware monitoring is on there should be a separate tab specific to fan settings such as overriding manual mode or altering the fan curve for how it ramps up to different temperature changes.
    (With settings to default all of this.)
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