Bring the Old School 775 to live!

Discussion in 'Processors and motherboards Intel' started by JoaoAragao, Sep 14, 2016.

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    Hello everyone!
    So what i'm trying to do is bring back my old system to life. Ever since i upgraded to a whole new computer, 2600k , cooler master cosmos ii and some other heavy stuff like custom wattercooling 4 gpus, i noticed that my show-off pc isn't realy easy portable.

    So i came here ask for help to my cpu choice on my old rig cause in this moment the pc has an C2D 8600 in it and i'm not satisfied with the results.

    What do i have in this moment:
    - Asus P5KC mobo
    - Asus r9 270x 2gb
    - This ram's on it's way to me

    My objectives/goals:
    - CS:GO 144 fps minimum
    - GTA V: 60 fps Medium/high settings

    Some of my cpu choices :
    - Xeon x5482 ( Modded to 775 )

    I'm in a tight budget so i want the best perfomance for the price. Also i am thinking doing a litlle bit of overclock.

    Let's see what you guys say
    And thanks anyways

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    CS:GO shouldn't be a problem, but GTA:V is a CPU hog and is not going to like anything you drop into a 775. I really would not bother putting money into such an old system. I say return that RAM for DDR3, buy a 3rd gen i3 and a $50 micro ATX mobo.

    Before I upgraded to my 4690K I had a C2Q 9300 @ 3.0Ghz with my current 270x. I played half of FC4 like this and would be in the 20s outdoors no matter what graphical settings I chose.
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    I had a Athlon II 640 @ 3.5ghz that played GTAV around 35-60 fps depending on game location with a GTX 670 4GB on high settings @ 1080p.

    3ghz Core 2 was not enough for FC4. The AthlonII struggled very to reach avg 30 fps in that game. Far Cry 4 is a complete different story compared to CS GO and GTAV. Those will run on old hardware extremely well considering.

    And the modded Xeons for 775 oc quite nicely too. With a simple H100, you can even get 4ghz out of a ole q6600 with a good board.

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