Bought new monitor and no overclock available?

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    Hi there,
    I got a Dell 2209WA and when I am having this monitor as primary there is no longer a overclock tab in low level system tweaks, just the FAN tab.
    If I switch primary monitor to my previous monitor I get back the overclock tab.

    Not only there is no overclock tab anymore, but all my overclock settings in launcher no longer apply if the overclock tab is no longer present.

    EDIT: Ok, I need to update this a bit. It seems the problem exists only when I disable my old monitor in ATI CC. If I unplug it from my video card, and leave the new monitor it dosen't seem to have the problem.

    EDIT2: I know this might be picky but any idea why on the Dell the show text value in the tray icon looks hideous (the numbers are bigger and uglier, like their disproportionate)?
    vs when I use only my old 19" monitor and dell unplugged,
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