Borderlands 3 Hotfix patch #1

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Sep 20, 2019.

  1. Hilbert Hagedoorn

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    Gearbox has released the first hotfix patch for Borderlands 3. This patch resolves a number of bugs, and brings a number of balance tweaks to the game. As Gearbox noted, the game automatically applies...

    Borderlands 3 Hotfix patch #1
  2. kakiharaFRS

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    KFA2 RTX 3090
    hotifx patch : nerf loot fix no technical problem
    at that rate they will as is the norm now heavily nerf drops, scale damage down to incentivize you to find other weapons, and finally give you a way to get stuff easier if you pay
    I'll wait the steam or whatever release, if the game is still worth getting which is not a guarantee
  3. TiePhiter

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    No offense to you H, but who gives a crap?

    literally no one has asked for these "Bugs" to be fixed. How about fixing the RIDICULOUS performance issues in this game. Really, why in gods name did Gearbox release this game in this state?

    I HAVE TO, I repeat HAVE TO put this game on it's own SSD with nothing else on the drive for this game to perform even REMOTELY like it should. Stutters are 95% gone but still there. This is only in DX12 too, the game is completely unplayable in DX11.

    Having an AMD Ryzen 3600, CH6, 16gb DDR4 @ 3800 CL16, 2 512gb m.2 SSD's and a 1080Ti water cooled. All of it. Game plays like absolute trash unless what I said is done. Fresh Windows 10 1903 install too. Just ridiculous that there has not even been a mention of the issues yet. Gearbox is handling this very poorly and likely, for me anyway, this will be the last time I give them money.
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  4. Agent-A01

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    DX11 is a stuttering mess but not DX12.

    Works pretty good for me in DX12 mode.
    Hope you aren't trying to run all ULTRA on that system.

    And they are aware of the performance issues in DX11 and are working on it.

    I don't know why you are surprised.
    No game has ever been perfect on release these past few years

  5. CPC_RedDawn

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    Don't run the game on Badass or even Ultra, set everything to HIGH with SSAO, VOLUMETRIC FOG on MEDIUM and disable PER OBJECT MOTION BLUR. There is virtually zero image quality difference but you will gain at least 60% more performance at 1080p and 40-50% more performance at 1440p.

    Currently getting around 75-160fps at these settings running 1440p DX11.

    DX12 for me is a mess and stutters, but DX11 is pretty solid. I do feel this game needed another 6 months in development and was pushed out the door a little quickly. Most of the graphics settings don't even seem to do anything visually but tank performance massively.
  6. slickwicked

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    3700x 4x8gb 3200mhz gtx 1080ti

    game runs flawlessly, for me and my three friends that i play with
    i get average around 72 with badass settings on 1440p, g synch

    only issue is it crashed only twice, ive put in around 50 hrs

    weird to see people with issues with it
  7. AlmondMan

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    I wonder why DX12 is such a mess in so many titles.
    In the videocard reviews, DX12 BF5 sees massive performance. But it's literally unplayable for me. The framerate might be high, but there's so much stuttering that it just can't be played. The 5700 XT is less stuttery in DX12, but it's still far from playable.

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