Blur image when in motion

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    Leadtek A400TDH GeForce 6800 128MB
    I have problem with Leadtek A400 TDH Geforce 6800.
    This problem is not hardware issue I'm sure(3dmarks runs great, spinter cell 3 runs great)

    I had a problem with low framerates which I solved by clocking AthlonXP 1.8 GHz to 2 GHz and DISABLING "ENABLE WRITE COMBINING" in Windows.

    I have great framerates in ROME TOTAL WAR but when units move it's something like I see double(or maybe tripple) image of units(ONLY UNITS), something like units are "shaking".
    It is only visible when I zoom in and watch moving units from close and only when they are moving from left or right of the screen, when i look in front of them or at their back I dont see the blurry image.
    It is very annoying and my eyes tire after I look it more than 10 sec.
    What is it and how can be corrected? Please help:(
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