black screen in open world games after 2-5 mins

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    rx 470 sapphire 4gb
    So i bought a used rx 470/ pc a month - 20 days ago and it worked really really well untill today it crashes within a few minutes from playing any game the temperature is usually around 70-82 while gaming and 48 on desktop, cpu's temp goes from 70 to 80 on games.

    Update 1 : so i figured out it's not the temperature by keeping the gpu below 60° , games works fine on low - medium settings but if i go medium or higher in certain games it will crash eventually.


    cpu: i5 2400 3.1

    mdb: DQ67SW

    ram: 2x4 1600 Mhz

    gpu: rx 470 sapphire nitro 4gb

    psu: 500w

    hope someone can help me solve or determine which part is corrupt
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    Quality Control on Polaris was terrible

    Corrupt part was the seller.
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    EVGA 2070 Super 8gb
    Lower the core clock on the GPU with a program like MSI Afterburner, force it's normal core clock down 50~100mhz and see if it helps. Do it 50mhz first and keep lowering it by 25mhz each time it crashes until it's staying stable and no longer crashing.
    Polaris + Windows 10 = card acts defective because the stupid driver decides to clock it too high. Never did it on Windows 7.

    If that helps get back to me. I had to throw my 8gb Rx 480 in a box 7 months ago because of that mess, it was killing my content creation apps and then even scrambled the desktop. No more Radeon cards for me on my production machine, with games I could care less.

    I think there's a way to lock in your settings and let the software like MSI afterburner to start with Windows so it can set the clocks lower, then you won't have to do it at each boot up.

    If this does not help, the card is likely defective. If it's as-is sale you're out of luck, if there's warranty then send it back. Usually no warranty on used PC hardware unless seller gives you special warranty as stated.
    Be aware that cheap power supplies can produce card-killing voltage ripple (especially when operated near capacity) that slowly over time can make the card go belly up. I don't know what brand power supply you have, but try to buy a Seasonic power supply sometime in the future so it doesn't kill the next card, if your card is dead (you can use the new power supply in your next system, too).
    A degraded or failing power supply can also cause this issue, and a myriad of other seemingly random errors on things at random times but especially when under load (gaming, rendering, so-forth). Power supplies slowly lose capacity over time as components don't last forever. If it's as old as the rest of your parts, it's likely time to consider replacing it. Get a good brand, cheap ones will kill the computer, it's not a matter of 'if' it's a matter of 'when'.
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