Black screen flashing on start-up

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    For some reason, when I start my computer, it starts showing a black screen after booting. The screen displays normally for a split second then and goes black again. This is repeated with gradually longer times it displays normally until it's completely fine after about a minute. All that remains are some short horizontal white stripes that flash randomly throughout the screen, which also gradually reduces until it's gone after a bit more.

    At first, I didn't pay much attention to it, but I start to get the impression it's getting worse with longer blackouts and stripe time. The only thing I can think of related to this is that I set my pc up to allow higher than 1080p resolutions (1440p, 1640p, and 4K) in the nvidia config a while before these problem started. During tests however, there were no problems at all and use my regular 1080p resolution on my desktop.

    Is there any way that could still be screwing up my computer or do you guys think it's something else? I tried reinstalling the driver, but without success. Reinstalling windows is obviously an option I prefer not to use, but if need be, I know it's there.

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