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    Hello guys.

    ever since 310.64 ive been getting alot of black screen crashing in games as, MOHW, Farcry3, Hitman and Black Ops 2.

    I'm using 310.70 WHQL now and im still getting crashes. It happens very randomly. Right now im mostly playing Hitman absolution and when i play with MSAA 4x/8x it crashes, sometimes after a few minutes, so ive read about some people having this and ive forced my Voltage to 1175mv in PrecisionX. this made it last longer for me, but still crashing every hour. However when i leave MSAA disabled and FXAA enabled i dont get a single crash and i can keep on playing for hours!

    I have my 3x 680's clocked on (132PT) +120core +50mem. I tried hitman on default clocks but it still crashed on me after a few mins. Yesterday ive tested me overclock with 30 mins of furmark and 30 mins of Heaven 3.0 and no artifacts or crashing at all...

    My overclock has always been stable in any game ever since 310.64. The first black screen i had was in Far cry 3 right after the intro cutscene when the ingame graphics begin.

    Today i tried Far cry 3 on default clocks and i could play for a while but i got interrupted with a BSOD 1E which i also had a few days ago when i played BF3 MP.

    What is going on here?
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    If you have latest drivers for your hardware, I'm guessing it's a hardware related problem. Probably PSU or the graphics card.
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    I had a GTX 570 which was faulty and doing exactly that on a bunch of games - almost all my games except battlefield 3. RMA'd it and once replaced, problem solved.

    If you've got 3 cards in SLI, you might need to try disabling one of them at a time and see if there is one which is causing the problem to occur.

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