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    Hello forum thanks for having me and I really hope to find an answer to some mystery that has caused me a lot of frustration already.

    So I have a Benq SW2700PT Monitor for quite some years and it has been always a great struggle with calibration. I have a Spyder 5 and I just cant seem to ever get a satisfying calibration out of it, both using Palette master element or Spyder's native software. So I barely use it and now That I've come back to trying to calibrate it went horribly wrong and I just gave up and manually calibrated just so that the monitor is at least usable. But the problem I am finding now is that considering it should be a decent monitor it has very bad black levels:
    Like here the distinction is barely visible from step 14 and from what I can imagine an average monitor should at least show something till step 7 or 5. So I am guessing I am doing something wrong or I am missing something.
    Please does anybody have any ideas where to look?

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