Bitcoin - Mine virtual money with your graphics card

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    Hello folks

    Has anyone on the forum tried out bitcoin-mining? It's basically mining for virtual currency using your GPU (preferably ATI for more efficiency). There are alot of information on the web, so read up a bit before posting irrelevant questions.

    I myself have been mining almost constantly for a week with two Ati 5770's, and so far I've earned 60$! (ca. 25BTC)

    If you want to get started and try it out:
    1. Create an account here:
    2. Save your address for recieving money to your account, it looks something like this: 1rYK1YzEGa59pI314159KUF2Za4jAYYTd
    3. Create a second account on a mining pool, there are many to choose from (slush, deep, bitcoinpool). I reccomend deepbit; Login to the pool and insert your payment address.
    4.Download the client. This is the GPU GUI version for ATI (nvidia works, but it's slow)
    5. Extract it and start guiminer.exe. Jot down the needed info in the program
    Server: deepbit
    password: yourdeepbitpassword
    Device: [1] Juniper
    Extra flags: -v -w 128 -f 120

    And let the mining begin.

    Wait a day, send money from deepbit pool to your account. Profit. Exchange BTC to USD via BTC->paypal service if you prefer real cash.

    Anything unclear?
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