BIG Problem with all 4X.XX series

Discussion in 'Videocards - NVIDIA GeForce Drivers Section' started by Widde, Nov 17, 2003.

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    Well here i go...

    When i did a clean install of the system i installed the 44.67 starstorm drivers, but after a while when i was surfing the system began to slow down and things like text, icons and all other forms of grafic dissapered.

    Well i manged to drop the hardwareacceleration on the videocard by one step and viola all went back to normal. It deactivaded the mouse acceleration and bitmaps.

    This happens whit all the 4X.xx series but not the 52.16 or the 52.70 but these drivers give me a lost of 1200 point in 3dmark 2001 and in games i will lose about 20Fps compared whit the 44.03 omega and the 44.67 starstorm.

    Will truning down the hardwareacceleration of my videocard give me a preformance drop or??? Whit the 52.70 i get 12225 point in 3dmark 2001 and whit the 44.03 omega i get 14225 whit the hardwareacceleration down one step...

    Whit do u think?

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    Try the 52.14's or even the 51.75's, but this could be a cooling issue, make sure you card and all fans are dust free (as close as possible). Also you can (if you do not have an acrylic side panel) place a piece of glass or plex on the side of the case and use an incense or something to produce smoke to watch the airflow incase (do not use anything waterbased!!!) if wires are in the way your flow may be off.

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