Big problem - screen blinks and OC resets, other issues

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    Hello guys.

    I have a big and sudden problem with my PC. Let me explain.

    About 2 months go, I've bought two additional OCZ Reaper rams. I had 2GB, and now have 4GB. They differ in how the look (different style of cooling), but have the same parameters. And around the time I installed them, some problem started to show with my... 3D graphics :|.

    So it looks like that. When I run some 3D application, for example Overlord 2, D&D Online or Dawn of War 2, suddenly (in random points) - all stops for a second, my screen goes black for _LESS than a second_, and then I have card down-clocked to default values or even less - 2D settings!

    Then my card doesn't respond to any changes in Riva Tuner's OC settings until I restart my computer, and then it will happen again after I play any game.

    My System:
    Windows 7
    Geforce 9600 GT 512
    4GB of OCZ Reaper HPC DDR2
    P5KC Motherboard
    Core 2 Duo E6750 cpu OC'ed to 3,6 Ghz.
    New 500 GB hard drive.
    Integrated Realtek soundcard with newest drivers.
    Pentagram 450 Watts power supply.

    All worked perfectly on _the same settings_ before I installed 2 additional rams.
    I've checked them with Orhos stress tests, and it looks better than before - on 2GB of ram I had some issues with my CPU OC. Now all is stable, no errors on RAM and CPU and BLEND tests! And I can even lower my voltages maintaining this stability, plus, cpu is cooler than before.

    But my card, or at least display, responds how I explained.

    Additionally, I've checked GF 9600 512 Ram of my brother - he has Galaxy card (I have GIGABYTE with Zalman cooler). And... it's the same!
    So most likely it looks that it's not the issue of my Geforce, as on the same model but different vendor - problem persists.
    It's almost impossible to play MMO games, as this happens numerous times, and sometimes screen goes black even for good - until I quit the game (windows is visible normally). But when I go back to the game, screen is still black.
    It happened on previous installation of Win7, so I reinstalled. And now it's still happening on a fresh new release.

    What can be the problem?
    Oh, and I use Pentagram Powers Supply - 450 Watts. Only 1 hard disk, 1 DVD rom... Is it possible that 450 is not enough for my OC'ed system? :3eyes:

    Tried many drivers, and it's always the same... For me it looks like it was the case when I'd forget to plug in power cable to my card. But it's plugged in! :pirate:

    My card is always max at 60 (Celsius degrees), so it doesn't look like overheating. Sometimes it happens when it's less than 50 degrees...

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    Considering that you're getting this error after you installed new RAM and even when you exchange your graphic card (which you seem to suspect as being the culprit), imo, it's pretty obvious what's causing this.

    Did you already try to run your PC without the new RAM again?

    Did you already run memtest?
    Definitely a possibility, too.

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