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Best way to do this???

Discussion in 'Network questions and troubleshooting' started by Pigchild, Aug 20, 2018.

  1. Pigchild

    Pigchild Ancient Guru

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    MSI GTX 660 Ti 2Gb X2 SLI
    I have a Netgear AC1900 Router. Model R7000. I use a Motorolla Arris SB6183 (modem only with no internal wifi router.) My Netgear AC1900 Router is positioned next to my desktop and looped into this router and out to my desktop. Here is my problem...
    Even with the latest Netgear Genie software and latest Router Firmware loaded, I can not find any way to simply click to turn off transmission of the WiFi and still keep my desktop feeding internet via it's hardline connection to my desktop. (When at my desktop I would like to shut down the signal emission from this router and still get my direct line internet, but it will not allow such function.)

    I want to do this because on my desktop this rather powerful router is 4 feet from my head and cranking out very strong radio Frequency. (I know this is not supposed to be a danger, but I swear it gives me a headache and even dizziness.) I have been unplugging the Ethernet from modem to router and direct modem to my PC to avoid this, but it's a pain to do this each time I work at my desktop next to the router. What about an Ethernet splitter single line from my modem so I can simply snap in and out from easy reach modem, rather than having to move my full tower to bypass the router for when I'm working at my desktop?
  2. 386SX

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    Hi there.

    I do not know your modem exactly, but in worst case you will loose 10 bucks for following my recommendations. ;)

    If your "modem" is able to determine if there are two different devices connected !!>>and gives both a separate IP<<!!, you may buy a 10 bucks switch (unmanaged, gigabit if possible and reasonable) and connect like this:

    Connect the modem to the switch
    Connect your PC to the switch
    Connect your WLAN router to the switch

    Every device sending traffic through the WLAN router will connect through the switch to the modem and through it to the internet.
    Your PC will send through the switch through the modem to the internet.
    Depending if you allow it, your PC and the WLAN devices may access each other.

    The manual says the device will give every device its unique IP, so there must be a DHCP server built in.
    Screenshots in the manual (with IPCONFIG) show it's a /24 subnet (, so there shouldn't be any issues.

    So do as I said, put the switch in the middle of your setup and every device will get its own IP and may connect by itself at any time.

    Tip for (or against) your headache:
    Buy some long LAN cable and place the WLAN router somewhere else, farer away from your head. Then you don't have to switch it off and on to reduce your headache.
    Otherwise buy one of those power extensions with multiple connectors.

    So you may switch it off with a press of a button.

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