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    I'd like to know what are yhe best drive/flight simulation games .<br>
    Now I've only a pentium 200mhz, but I'm buying a new pc, and I really like this kind of game.<br>
    Sorry for my english<br>
    Marco, from Milan, Italy. <IMG SRC="smileys/smile.gif"> <br>
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    Sup, When it comes to Flight sims I'd have to Sugest getting Falcon 4.0 ( get the latest patch and upgrades )<br>
    If you not into highly technical Flight Sim then you might wanna try Janes USAS or Janes F18 its a good medium but not as<br>
    in depth as Falcon 4.0. If you want to wait Till you get your new system Theres a Chance that Falcon5.0 wil lbe out.<br>

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