best program to play flac out of my PC X-fi sound card into my dennon 989 amp?

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    I'm running a 50 ft spdif coax cable out of my computers x-fi platinum sound blaster soundcard into my Dennon 989 for my flac music. Attached to Dennon are some pretty nice rocket floor standing speakers. I was recommended to use aimp3 music player program. Is this good choice? Iv'e also been advised to try foobar music player. Anyone know will foobar sound better than aimp3? I installed aimp3 and Under playback options under device, which am I supposed to select--
    asio, direct sound, waspi, or waspi exclusive?

    After looking into a bit more, am I right the best 2 for me would either be:
    ASIO- for including computer sound effects
    waspi exclusive- for music sounds only

    For waspi and ASIO I have options for both "speakers" or "SPDIF- both labled as creative SB X-fi. I find selecting speakers instead of SPDIF gives a better sound for music. I'm glad I decided to experiment and try the speaker because since I'm using DIG coax spdif I assumed this setting on aimp3 playback device should be also be set at spdif.

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