Best HDTV for 1,600 for the 360?

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    what's the best buy for a hdtv for the 360 for about 1,600 dollars?

    i was thinking about getting this one this friday, it says it's 1,999, but it's actually 1,500 at my best buy, i guess they have a different price from the what you think?

    or this one which is 1,100

    (we just bought one of these and it's awsome....don't know if it would be cool to have the same tv from the living room, in my room also xD
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    If you don't mind $1,999

    You can get this:

    It's 1080p and you can mount it on a wall.

    I know it's LCD and not by a recognizeable TV brandname. I have a Westinghouse 27" 720p TV and it rocks. Be future proof with this TV. :D

    Note: Manufacture default for Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, and Sharpness are pretty laid back on my TV. All I did was pop in the best looking DVD I had and used the TV remote to adjust those setting to bring out the true picture quality and now it can rival any TV made by even the most top of the line brand names. :D

    But if you must get DLP. It's a no brainer. Get the 50" one. :rock:
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