Best Gaming Laptops for >900 Euro

Discussion in 'Laptops & Notebooks' started by Steven Hone, Sep 28, 2016.

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    Hi Everyone,

    I have two brothers starting university right now and I want to get them decent gaming laptops to bring them to PC gaming.

    I have a budget of up to 900 euro for each one and will need to buy a decent mouse with each one too.

    Looking here:

    But I just want to make sure I am getting the best value and to get laptops that will last a few years (decent spec, build quality).

    Thanks in advance for your help & advice :)
  2. turtle60

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    The acer seems to me better for gaming, because have 4GB of video mémory.

    other with 2gb vidéo memory and best CPU and ssd in addition, are better for a little game (with normal graphics and for other work It will be faster with ssd.

    after a Hybrid 4500RPM HDD Is good too, but ssd will be faster
  3. sephking

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    Will you be ordering from the UK? Just asked as you specified your budget was in euros.

    If so, sites like saveonlaptops and laptopsdirect have quite good deals. Ordered from them a few times ove the years.

    They also have that acer, with an SSD drive for £799

    Can't say I've ever owned an acer myself but they seem to be fairly well reviewed.
  4. HaZe303

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    I still get by and can play all the newest games that have best looking gfx, im using my 3-4 year old Clevo P170SM, great laptop still, and that GTX780M chip is one of the best I ever had, if compared to longenevity and how its been able to keep up with my desktop gpu´s still. Sure I need to adjust the gfx settings, but I promise you, I see no difference between the game i play on my GTX780 and same game playing on my desktop with a 1070GTX... So my favorite laptop of all time, Clevo P170SM, still going strong!

    Just for an example, I play BF1, BF4, Titanfall2, World of Tanks, Metal Gear Solid, Gears of War 4, all run superb on my laptop... with 60 frames @ 1080P... Doom runs like a dream too... on OpenGL/Vulkan, same same..

  5. 321Boom

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    The MSI Apache Pro is a very good gaming laptop, depending on the model (ge62, ge72 etc) and specs you choose for it, you might manage to drop the price to 900 Euros! had some good deals for this.

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