Best driver for GTX 660 TI ?

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    GTX 660 TI
    Hi, i need the best driver for this games, Arma 3, GTA 5, dying light, plz
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    I made a post over at the geforce forums a long time ago about how the 700 series and below its best to use the 337 series. Different hardware, cards performance differently , im using the gtx 550 ti and the 337 series even though old are faster than the newer drivers and are more stable. anything above the 337 series is horrible. I'm using the 337.50. .94 is good also.

    So my advice, try the 337 series, 337.50 or 337.94 and see how they work on your cards. if they don't work good, the 378 drivers are good for game performance depending on the game, but with me they give me kernal display errors and my monitor falls asleep, they seem to be dangerous drivers for my card lol. I never ever came across a diver that made my monitor black out. BTW about the 337 series, you should read this

    These are old comparisons, but I'm telling you these drivers can still performance very good compared to the newer ones. But as i said it all depends on your setup. I know for me, I' plan to buy a 750 OC 4GB card as my upgrade and use the 337 series forever. And for newer games that required drivers above 337 series, well I plan to build a secondary rig with AMD. Good luck though
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    Latest one?

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