Best driver for GTA4? My card: 9800m GS

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    2x Galaxy GTX670 SLI
    CPU: Intel P7450 @ 2.65ghz (Full load @ 63C)
    RAM: 2x2GB DDR2-800MHZ @ 1000mhz
    GPU: Nvidia 9800m GS @ GTS speeds (Full load @ 89C)
    Cooling: Thermaltake notebook cooler (works alright.)
    Display @ 1366 x 768

    My notebook is pretty stable at my overclocks, so no need to worry about unstable speeds and etc, ambient temps are great too.

    I've been using 257.15 drivers for a while now and after seeing a gameplay video on youtube with similar specs (same gpu and similiar cpu) running at very high settings at 1680 x 1050 ( i run at 1366 x 768 ), i thought i may need to downgrade drivers since i can't run nearly as smooth as his at lower settings and resolution.

    Any suggestions?

    **Edit** Solved, kept trying drivers.
    Out of the following: 257.15, 257.21, 257.29, 258.49, 197.77 197.45
    The best one is: 258.49 (Average of 2fps bonus compared to the second best; 197.77.)
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