Best CPU for laptop, AMD or Intel?

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    a note on Asus laptops:
    while most laptops have bloatware, Asus is worse than most. they weave in the bloat into fairly necessary software (Armoury Crate) if you're going to use any rgb. lucky for you the latest update to Armoury Crate doesn't glitch like it used to.
    the best Asus software is GPU Tweak which can be run separately and has a nice gui

    as far as Intel...
    if that's the only flavor with rtx4070m (and Nvidia is important to you) be prepared for a monster power brick which limits your mobility.
    if this is a desktop replacement no big deal.

    Asus has done some big things with mobile, the biggest to me are the self-cleaning fans, but do yourself a favor and get a laptop stand with fans (that have a speed control) they're not expensive but you're looking at two hot running components in a tight package with two tiny "squirrel cage" fans
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