Best budget 1TB SSD? M.2? Sata 6gb/s?

Discussion in 'SSD and HDD storage' started by Thebrave85, Apr 27, 2020.

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    There's nothing wrong with the 660P..... I'm still running one in my system. It's just not as fast as the WD SN550....
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    Yeah it's good, just that if the SN550 is both faster and cheaper it will bug me to the day I die, lols!
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    I'm a little late to this party, but for others passing through, I've had good luck with my two 500GB, budget friendly: M.2 SATA Crucial MX500 SSD and my M.2 NVME Inland Premium SSD.

    The only down side with an Inland is they provide no software for monitoring it, but I am fine with that. Windows can TRIM and I don't care about watching the % of life left as it slowly dies anyway.

    One thing I will say is that NVME does not feel any faster than the SATA M.2 model. Yes it shows something like ~2800 vs ~500 in benchmarks, but Windows boots (6-8 seconds) and games load just as fast from either one. I guess to see the NVME's speed, you'd have to have two of them and watch files go from one to the other.

    Also, Windows will not clean install to the NVME unless every other drive is disconnected from the mother board when I install. No matter what you do, it will put boot files on another drive and Windows on the NVME, rendering the boot broken if the other drives do not stay put or if you change them later. Not to mention littering up your storage drives with system files.
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    ... if data is downloaded in 1 stream. Try multiple downloads and speeds go down massively. Most hdds I had maxed out at about 180 MB/s and when multiple streams came in they all went down to two digit numbers.
    My old 240gb ssd can handle 400 connections easily. Try that with any hdd. ;)
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