Best 120MM fan?

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    Hi there

    Usually in colder weather GPU temperatures are in 36-38C as max,but in hotter weather 42C is max what I seen during long gaming session,if its high level of cooling really depends

    Idle temperatures,have look on my cards during normal day cards idle at 22-26C as max,in colder weather idle will go down to 16-19C as lowest what I seen,I can compare that against my old air cooling setup,Zotac GTX1080 AMP would idle in 26-28C and Titan X SC with Raijintek Morpheus would idle at 17-22C during same ambient temperature,right now my cards idle at 22C on GTX1080TI and on two GTX1080 my idle temperatures are 25-26C

    And regarding the TIM there,I would swap the TIM for something better,usually TIM used which is pre applied on these AIO kits is usually good enough,but with better TIM you can gain a bit better temperature,same I've replaced TIM on friend H100 same and he gained around 5-7C on load there,if its worth is up to you,but ask over here there how many people over here replaced TIM for better and how many gained on temperatures

    Hope this helps


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