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    Hey guys, the rig in my profile had the motherboard and power supply die, i was lucky enough to have a bunch of friends who sent me parts to get up and running again (thank you to Ben in South Australia, Adam in NSW Australia, and Raika in Singapore).

    So my current system is now an i7 3770 (not k unfortunately) with 24gb of 1333mhz DDR3, and a GTX 980.

    Managed to get the i7 3770 up to 4.3-4.5ghz with the limited multiplier settings and bclk overclocking options, for some reason though no matter what i do the multiplier jumps between 41 and 43, so i cant get it to stay at 4.5ghz all the time, instead it randomly changes between 4.3ghz, 4.4ghz, and 4.5ghz (this isn't due to throttling as temps stay bellow 70c).

    Got my GTX 980 up to 1535mhz core and 4001mhz memory (8002mhz effective)

    Unfortunately the ram is crap and i couldn't get anything better than 734.9mhz (1469.8mhz effective) at 9-9-9-24-2T, so i think it might be holding the system back for some things.

    Just gonna post some bechmarks here, and if anyone wants to offer suggestions on how to get the multiplier to stay at 43x that would be helpful.

    CPU-Z Bench

    3DMark Time Spy

    3DMark Fire Strike

    Screenshots of other benches and system info.

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