Battlefield 5 reveal appears to be on May 23 (according to Battlefield 1 easter egg)

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, May 10, 2018.

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    while I did not even bother with bf1 I thought bf3 and 4 were a little too console little bobby friendly.
    since the console bf bc the game has pretty much gotten worse when it was pc first it was better.
    they could keep all the "he might have a hack" stuff down by making the kits more like bf2 the k.i.s.s method,
    i think then the guns would fire the same most of the time and cheaters would be more easy to spot and document.

    they should have a old school mode no regen anything no infinite ammo on vehicles cept mounted machine guns health packs bf2 classes you know the reasons why it was a team game in the first place
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    @cowie I miss BF2 as well. I wish as they upgraded to better visuals and dynamic environments they had kept what made BF2 so damn fun. Hopefully there is a bit of a return back to there roots.
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    I played BF3 and BF4 for years. They both had their rocky starts, but were still amazing games with great all-around gameplay and an unlock and assignment system that kept you going.

    The BF1 release was terrible and seemed like SW Battlefront with different skins.
    I quit playing two weeks from release. SW Battlefront was great from a visual/audio standpoint, but the gameplay sucked all-around. When you could tell BF1 was molded after this crappy model, it was easy to become a deserter.

    After playing the recent "Battle Royale" style games (e.g. PUBg) by which people have no problem being forgiving to developers selling them Alpha-level or prior code and never deciding to be accountable beyond that, I decided they pretty much suck so I went back to BF1 about a month ago.

    I found the updated version of BF1 to be a great game. Whatever they've done to BF1 through updates since release have made it a lot better and on par with the latest BF4 release.

    Now for BF V... I think the worst thing EA could do is catapult the series into the MMO genre (e.g. Destiny 2). It would be a quick cash grab for a short-term period and then everyone would abandon ship.
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    Why doesn't EA have a dedicated youtube page for these announcements? The news about this is so fragmented that it killed all attempts of hype for the game.

  5. gregjet

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    I haven't played the others but bought BF4. Don't play anymore because of major cheating. And yes I know how to spot cheats. My fav of all time was when I snuck up on a guy sniping , facing the other way. Shot him with a full clip in the back of the head. No damage and he turned around and shot me with one bullet from a weapon that required 4 shots ( a head shot to an enemy a couple of feet away while you are prone is basically impossible.
  6. KissSh0t

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    The best blatant cheating was in BF3, being headshot with a pistol while driving a tank, and being killed with the ammo box while flying a jet.... Yes... The Ammo Box.. something that is not a weapon.
  7. fantaskarsef

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    Being HSed in a tank? I was killed by being knived back then, and not only that, people in tanks, plains, on foot... all knived to death by a guy standing inside his spawn.

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