Battlefield 4 Settings Editor v1.1 - GUI Version

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    I know a lot of users found this little application very handy when running Battlefield 3, thus I thought I would post the updated information to the new version for Battlefield 4. Realmware also released 'BF4 Borderless v1.0' and allows a user to run the game in 'windowed mode' w/o the shown on their homepage (Link @ bottom)

    Hardcore users will probably like to stick with manually changing settings via editing the config/profile files with a text editor, however, this little app does offer several fixes which have been incorporated into it as well.



    Realmware BF4 Settings Editor is a useful tool which allows you to tweak a great number of Battlefield 4 settings. This page lists each and every feature of the program.

    Easy to use

    Your Battlefield 4 settings will be automatically loaded and saved.
    You will be automatically notified about any new updates for BF4 Settings Editor.
    Change your settings through an intuitive graphical user interface.
    Helpful tooltips explain the purpose and effect of each setting.
    Import your Battlefield 4 Beta settings with a single click.
    Import your older Battlefield 3 settings with a single click.
    Export your settings to the older Battlefield 3 with a single click.


    Change your settings without wasting time launching the game.
    There's no need to worry about a round ending while you're changing your settings, or being kicked from the server for being idle!


    A backup of your settings will be automatically created on the first run.
    You can create a safe backup of your settings at any time with a single click.
    Automatically detects and repairs file errors when loading, importing, or exporting your settings.


    Supports the majority of standard game settings.
    Tweak hidden settings and key bindings.
    View and configure multiple key bindings for each control.
    Configure console commands to be automatically entered into the game on start-up.
    Apply fixes for various game bugs and issues.
    Store multiple settings files with the built-in profile manager.

    Download & Full Information: Battlefield 4 Settings Editor v1.1

    Have Fun!


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    Thanks for the info.

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