Battlefield 3 Massive Stuttering:Please Help

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    PC's are also now good at video editing and the like. Better in some cases. Mac really has nothing going for it anymore.
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    Try it before speaking...I just laughed when I read your comment..
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    Problem FIXED:
    I'll be making a topic for ALL people who have stuttering problems.
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    Im waiting for it pls. I have issues too with my good system. Mostly sound related. Damn me :(

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    BF3 Stuttering

    I had same problems, but stuttering was the least of them...AppHang errors out the WingWang...Game Freezes (BF3 still "running" but screen frozen), crashes, etc. I will admit I do not know anything about Macs, but you have an 6770m which may allow some tweaking to at least get you running on all Low settings..

    I can confirm Video Drivers 12.4 are good, I wouldn't use 12.7 just yet...First thing I would do is download and install ATI Tray Tools...Use this for monitoring your system during Gameplay...and tweaking your card...

    I was using ASUS's GPU_Tweak, but ATT allows the use of just the Catalyst drivers (no CCC/MOM)...and, really, your goal is to lower the amount of RAM used by the system in idle get rid of any unneeded processes by various methods (ProcessLasso/NirSoft ServiWin/GameBooster, etc.)

    Use a user.cfg file for BF3 with tweaks you can find via Google.

    When in MP my system is reporting ranges in the ballpark of:

    CPU Load%: 80%+/-
    GPU Load%: 99% (steady max all the time)
    Sys. Ram use: 3400MB +/-
    GPU Dedicated Ram use: 550-700MB +/-
    GPU Dynamic Ram use: 250+/-

    Settings: 1366x768 (All Settings High or better, 4xAA, 16xAF SSAO)

    Sensors indicate Temps. are quite high in this state...adding to the potential for problems. Customizing your fan Profiles is a good start here...

    Now, "Choppiness", to me, means a sudden fluctuation in FPS. Say, from 50FPS to 20 FPS (or more).

    Your system is right on the edge of being able to play BF3 (Video Card as others pointed out)...IF you want to try to play with your machine as is, major tweaking needed IMHO. I would at least install 4GB more RAM as the cheapest way to improve your set up.{Edit: Ops Profile states 8GB-disregard "add 4GB" ram}

    I think I found where my issues were stemming from...Northbridge...Now, AMD chips are different than your chip, with NB being part of the chipset itself. I don't know much about Intel's chips other than the cpu clock is locked and you can only tweak the Bus (on my Alien I can change from 133 to 166 range-at least it is this way on my Alien Laptop...not sure about your hardware...).

    In the end, it seems that my PC was not supplying enough juice to the NB (O/C'd to 2600 from 2000 MHZ). I kept setting the NB vid to higher values in BIOS or TurboV EVO (part of my MoBo's tweaking software), but sensor readings kept saying 1.1v...WTF right?

    Ended up using K10Stat to force a lower P-State...Basically, a PC has P-States (Like P0, P1,P2,P3,P4). These are the PC's way of saving power when in a lower performance situation... (You may have C1E as a Bios Setting). So I widened the gap between P0 and P1 making my PC think it needs to supply more Voltage more of the time...THEN..NB vid reported 1.2v steadily in monitoring software...After that I tested BF3 for crashes/no stuttering/no BSOD..yet...Still testing at this time, and I don't really understand P-States fully, but this has started working.

    The other Factor that was causing stuttering and worse was Heat...Find your CPU's maximum allowable heat range and find a way to lower that or stay below that...I used a portable Air Conditioner to lower Ambient temp. from 32C+ to 20C+...In other words, by process of Elimination, took out the Heat Factor...

    Benchmarking a system for BF3 demand is a bit of a trick I have found. I'm not a computer Engineer or Programmer so I have to find and try software that is available on Web...What I found is you can run several Benchmarks simultaneously and get approximately the same results as BF3 Full Screen Demands...

    I have been using IntelBurnTest w/ Unigine's Heaven. Just let Heaven run, don't click Benchmark. Allow Tesselation (maxed). Run Heaven in Windowed Mode so you can see what IBT is doing...Use Custom IBT settings to approximate CPU/RAM loads...Heaven probably won't stress your GPU/Vram as high as BF3 but maybe due to your needed Low settings it might be closer than my testing requirements...In other words, your settings on Low in BF3 might be close to what Heaven stresses your system to on High...??? IDK.

    Now you can play around with finding your issue by running several instances of IBT (I tried 12 at one time...) or some other Hybrid BM set up...

    Oh yeah, one more thing, get HWiNFO64 too...nice monitoring/sys info utility...

    I think I am going to start a thread somewhere on this issue because many people on EA forums are experiencing the same issues, but these may be old posts and things have improved..they had not for me, so I had to start from scratch...

    Can't stress enough that the Process of Elimination is a great Tool...
    Learn what your PC hardware is capable of.
    Start with stock/default system...
    Record all values of importance in performance situations.
    Start tweaking one step at a time and benchmark/stability test...
    ie. Overclock your GPU and re-test...Stabilize/Bench, etc.
    Record values...

    Figure out what Performance requirements are for what you want to be doing...If it's Gaming : Skyrim/Battlefield 3/Crysis/Rage are all good Benchmarks of what your PC can handle...Really, most other game's requirements pale by comparison. IMHO BF3 is one of the most demanding games there is on the market...Hopeless addiction to said game made me embark on a quest for Higher FPS than my Old PC would render...

    Once you have your "Performance Envelope" I believe you can Tune your PC for w/e it is you want to do with it...

    Well, back to Hardcore Metro and Caspian Border 64 testing lol...

    {EDIT: OPs problems resolved, so this is just for posterity I guess}
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    I put this game down for a while and tried to pick it up yesterday. I'm getting mouse stuttering (whenever I move the mouse to look around). FPS is at 60 with vsync (also tried without v-sync). The animations are all really smooth. Cut scenes are really smooth. The only problem is when I move the mouse. I think I've updated video drivers since last time I've played it but I'm not going to roll back just for this game. I've tried adjusting all the mouse settings in-game to no avail. When I was playing this game a few months ago I had no problems. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

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